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DM Racing - Black Pit box PolyButler with dark grey drawers

Product no.: MODOFF-PB

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This Polybutler is the benchmark in terms of model building boxes. You can store all the tools and accessories needed to ride.

Poly-butler cases are equipped with:

  • 5 large drawers, 2 of which are compartmentalized and 3 empty
  • 3 small empty drawers

Main features:

  • ABS injected trunk case
  • Drawer concept with compartments
  • Retractable handle
  • Key lock
  • High protection products
  • High load resistance
  • External dimensions in mm: 470 x 350 x 180
  • Weight: about 3.8 kg

These removable drawers are always at hand, the ideal tool also for small parts and accessories as well as your tools! The Polybutler is a drawer box molded in black ABS. Polybutlers drawers are in dark gray. Each Polybutler has a recessed and lockable handle.

Let yourself be surprised by the stability and capabilities of the Polybutler!

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