EcuPlus - TC-I Easy K timing control unit [00238]

Product no.: DM_00238

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EcuPlus TC-I Easy K is a timing control unit compatible with TCI-IKEDA Ignition Systems with two magnets 60, 70 and 89 mm diameter.


  • Engine temperature reduction
  • Increase the torque and horsepower
  • Reduce the torque and power gaps
  • Extend the top engine speed
  • Fuel consumption reduction
  • Engine or exhaust temperature measurement
  • Current and previous Run time measurement
  • Engine total time measurement
  • Engine speed measurement
  • Maximum car model speed
  • Programmable maintenance notice
  • Timing ignition tuning
  • Engine failure prevention

The TC-I Easy K improves fuel consumption, as well as being useful to tune the engine to different environmental conditions.


Estimated time: 15min

Identify the switch off and connect the integrated harness wires in parallel to the two Killer-switch terminals:

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