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Product no.: DM_00241

This carburetor radiator is designed to be mounted with the carburetor reinforcement DM_CARB_BRACE.

29.90 / unit(s) *

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Product no.: DM_00230

Essential allows you to assemble and disassemble all types of flywheels and Zenoah or Chung Yang clutches

33.90 / unit(s) *

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Product no.: DM_00239

This tool allows you to insert the crankshaft bearings into the lower engine.

Suitable for Zenoah G230 to G290 engines as well as CY or Chung Yang engines with the same displacement

24.00 / unit(s) *

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Product no.: DM_00231-2

Machined ventilation housing for 'Shark' spark plug radiator

19.90 / unit(s) *

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Product no.: DM_00302

Sealed ball bearings that we use on our carburetors.

3.00 / unit(s) *

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Product no.: DM_00231-3

O-Ring for 'Shark' spark plug radiator

4.90 / unit(s) *

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Product no.: DM_00259
Plastic air duct for the flywheel with the diameter of 60mm.
24.90 / unit(s) *

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Product no.: DM_00298

This carburetor insulator is milled from high quality T7075 aluminum. It uses bakelite gaskets and paper gaskets.

49.90 / pack(s) *

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Product no.: DM_00257

Quick release kit with claw system. The assembly is fixed by 2 screws on the fan cover. It must therefore be installed in the claws and there are only two screws left to dismantle to change the pullstarter.

16.90 / Kit(s) *

In stock

Product no.: DM_00231-1

This radiator machined by CNC for the touring car, gives the motor a lot of additional cooling.

32.90 / unit(s) *

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1 - 10 of 11 results