FBX Racing - Formula France 2020

Product no.: FBX_FF2020
780.00 / unit(s)
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Conversion kit FBX 2020 to convert a 1/5th car in Formula France 2020

This version will allow you to mount any bodywork in 510 or 535 mm wheelbase. it will therefore no longer be necessary to choose a specific chassis according to the body model.

The kit contains:

  • 4 mm chassis adjustable in 510 or 535 mm
  • New front axle with servo saver (without rocket doors)
  • Platinum radio single or double servo
  • Side panels and side body supports
  • Engine mounting with transmission plate and brake on the bell
  • Rear axle with new triangles with outboard toe adjustment
  • Front and rear shock absorber support
  • Front and rear body support
  • Bell brake
  • Rigid rear axle
  • New front and rear anti-roll bar inks
  • New design of the rear triangles
  • Brake cam mounted on friction ring

Optional: right and left chassis stiffeners .

Not included:

  • the transmission with bell, axis, pinions, differential and universal joints
  • 4 shock absorbers
  • the ball bearing kit
  • the 4 vertical body supports
  • radio box, linkages and (2 or 3) servos
  • engine (standard or ECO prepared), clutch, pot, air box
  • bumper foam, tires, bodyshell


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